"Global Comparisons of Zooplankton Time Series"

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  • Working Group Members (Full)
    David Mackas (Canada)
         co-chair of working group
    Northern California Current & sub-arctic NE Pacific regions
    Hans Herheye (South Africa)
         co-chair of working group
    Benguela Current region
    Patricia Ayon (Peru) Humboldt Current region
    Sanae Chiba (Japan) Kuroshio / Oyashio and oceanic NW Pacific regions
    Young-Shil Kang (Korea) NE Asian marginal seas
    Todd O'Brien (USA) NW Atlantic - Data coordination & analysis
    Mark Ohman (USA) CalCOFI region
    Chris Reason (South Africa) Climatologist
    Anthony Richardson (Australia)   CPR, NE Atlantic region
    Andy Solow (USA) Statistics Expert
    Working Group Members (Associate)
    Hal Batchelder (USA) northern California Current (GLOBEC)
    David Checkley (USA) SPACC / fishery time series
    Angel Lopez-Urrutia (Spain)   Coastal East Atlantic, Data manipulation methods
    Webjørn Melle (Norway) Barents Sea (Norway) region
    Luis Valdes (Spain) Spain Regional Time Series
    Juha Flinkman (Finland) Baltic Region